Economics Department

Dr. Ahmad Ali Yousefi

Head of Department

Sayyed Akbar Sayedinia

Expert Group

Goals and general plans:

  • The discovery and explanation of the economic system of Islam in the domain of the foundations of insight, philosophy, and value, goals, behavior patterns of individuals,
  • Groups and government in the field of economics, logic and structure governing the three elements above.
  • Theoretical design of organizations and institutions of the Islamic economic system according to the requirements of time and place.
  • Scientific establishment for the realization of Islamic economic system.
  • Research on jurisprudential issues and emerging needs in the field of economics.
  • Honors and answers to the doubts raised in the realm of Islamic economics.
  • Comparative study and critique of other schools and economic systems.
  • Scientific and Applied Sciences and Pathology Studies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Faculty Members of Islamic Economics Group: