Earning Four Titles by the Research Institute at the First Women’s Book Conference

According to the Office of Public Relations and Information of the Islamic Culture and Islamic Research Institute , the first national conference of the book of women’s day March 9 was held with the speech of Grand Ayatullah Makarem Shirazi in Qom. 
Hojjatoleslamal Moslemani Hamid Parsaniya, the scientific secretary of the conference held in the Islamic Awakening of the Society of Salah Ali Ali Salam, praised the congratulatory ceremony of the birthday of Prophet Zahra Alihaslam and the beginning of the fifth decade of the Islamic Revolution, saying: “We thank all the agents and agents of the first national conference of the Women’s Book of the Year. 
He added: “The strengths of the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the Islamic movement of Iranian society have been the presence of women in all walks, as the Islamic Revolution of Iran arose in a new way and different from all methods and other revolutions, the presence of all people, especially women, and persistence The revolution has been indebted to the same way.
The Scientific Secretary of the First Women’s Book Conference, stating that the Islamic Revolution in Iran has been successful in two areas of education development, especially higher education and the presence of women, said that many Western analysts and scholars believed that two areas of science and the presence of women would harm the Islamic Revolution. Was. 
Hojjatoleslamalmaleman Parsania continued: As the Islamic Revolution in its own way of innovation, it is innovative in the knowledge and identity that women give, and this experience has shown that the presence of science and the presence of women have been factors in the growth and improvement of the Islamic Revolution. 
He described the presence of women and science as an opportunity to demonstrate the potential of women, and expressed that women’s congregation and commemoration against oppression in both fields of science and the presence of women is being held.
In the follow-up to the conference, Dr. Haghani, the deputy of the Seminary Seminary Research Center, referred to the works sent to the secretariat of the conference, adding that approximately 600 works have been submitted to the first National Conference on the Yearbook of Women, of which 147 have been submitted to a detailed assessment stage and, in some cases, a detailed assessment of the second phase of the road Finally 12 works were selected as works of art. 
Associate Professor of Sociology in the field of drug therapy said that more than 100 professors from different levels of scientific centers collaborated on evaluating the work of the conference in 11 disciplines. 
Haqqani paid great attention to the works done in the field of women and the family, and he stated: “This fact shows us that this issue is important and has revealed more research gaps in this field.”
At this ceremony, the selected works were introduced in three sections, and their authors received their honorary gifts and gifts from Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi. The list of winners is as follows:

Selected Works:
In the Women and Family section, the works of the following works were honored as works of art selected by all the owners of the works of the Research Institute and three works from the works published by the Institute of Culture and Thought: 
Mahmoud Hekmatanya with the book on the rights of women and family 
Gholam Reza Payvandi with effect 
Zahra Amin Majd ‘s Rights of the Child with the Effect of Gender Theology by 
Farajollah Hedaytnya with the effect of the third pattern, the pattern of woman’s behavior in the family and society

In the scientific department of history, Nahid Tayebi, with the influence of the follower of Abu Ja’far Yahya ibn Aby Zayed alawi, in the general group and references, Fatemeh Ahmadi, with the work of al-Mu’ajm al-Mefa’as, along with the text and the modern translation of Sahifeh Sajjadieh, in the group of philosophy and theology, Saeed Sadat Nabavi Hashemi The Effect of Anthropology on the Imams of Baghdad Imamieh (Ph.D.) and in the Department of Philosophy and Theology, Farah Ramin’s Book of Proof of Order

Works worthy of appreciation:
In the Qur’anic commentary and sciences group, the ethical Halima with the effect of the principles and desirable behavior patterns of lifestyle from the point of view of the Holy Qur’an, in the sciences and hadiths against Reza Dad with the effect of the hadith school of Baghdad, in the philosophy and theology group, The effect of fantasy in the eyes of Ibn Sina and Sadr al-Mutaleh al-‘An, in the general group and the reference, Amal Binīn Khalaghayn, with the effect of the Arabs in the words of Al-Safi al-Sahifah al-Sajjadiyya, were worthy of appreciation.