Achieving the country’s top research institute title, in the field of humanities

According to the public relations report of Islamic Culture and Thought Research Institute, based on the annual ranking of universities and research centers in the country, in 1401, the research institute was ranked first among other humanities research institutions.

According to the report of Institute for Science Citation (ISC), Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought has been ranked based on accurate and consistent benchmarking in various fields such as research, technology and innovation, internationalization, social services, infrastructure and facilities, and economic impact, took the 17th place among all research institutions and centers in the country and the first rank among related institutions in the field of humanities.

It should be noted that in this ranking, the Research Institute of Islamic Culture and Science Academy (ISCA), and the Research Institute of the Hawzah and University (RIHU), and the Iranian Research Institute for Information Science and Technology (Iran Doc) are ranked next.