The System of Intellectual Property Rights

The system of “intellectual property rights” is a set of law institutions that aims to regulate the relationship between science producers and technology developers, industry and the consumer market in such a way that the cost of science and technology production is provided through the consumer market; Instead of the government or the science and technology producer or even the industry paying the costs of production. Paying attention to this problem was caused by industrial developments, and an attempt was made to provide a creative solution for it according to the legal interpretation of ownership. This creative solution is based on the principles and structure of rights and ownership.

The present study has tried to examine the dimensions of the creative solution of intellectual property in the legal structure and analyze its jurisprudential aspects, through identification of science, technology and industry. Also, such a discussion requires a philosophical methodology so that a legitimate solution can be deduced from the fundamentals and the subject. In addition, the creator’s rights may conflict with the rights of others, which requires us to find solutions at the stage of legislation or implementation.

Keywords: intellectual property system, intellectual property philosophy, industrial property, literary and artistic property, intellectual rights