Ayatollah Ali Akbar Rashad, one of the influential figures in the Islamic world in 2023

The book “500 Muslims” annually introduces the most impactful Muslims globally, considering individuals who bring significant changes in cultural, ideological, financial, or political aspects within the Muslim community.

The book assesses influential Muslims based on 13 general categories, including scientific, political, religious, preachers and spiritual leaders, humanitarian/charity and progress, social issues, business, science and technology, art and culture, Quranic studies, media, famous personalities, sports stars, and traditionalists. Individuals are categorized by their geographical regions within each of these domains, and their impact is measured quantitatively and qualitatively. This list evolves each year, providing an opportunity to confront challenges and mysteries facing the Muslim community.

In the latest edition of this book, in the section on “religious affairs”, Ayatollah Ali Akbar Rashad from the Islamic Republic of Iran has been introduced for the ninth consecutive year among the 500 influential Muslims with influence in the Muslim community in 2023. The publication highlights Ayatollah Rashad as the founder and head of the Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought since its establishment in 1994. Described as a philosopher and scholar in the field of religious philosophy and Islamic studies, Ayatollah Rashad has authored over 35 books and 69 articles, engaging in continuous translation and research activities. His contributions extend to international scientific conferences, particularly in the field of interfaith dialogue, making him the sole personality introduced by Iran in this prestigious list.

As the founder and head of the Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought (IICT) since its establishment in 1994, Ayatollah Rashad’s impact on the Muslim community is acknowledged for the ninth consecutive year. Ayatollah Ali Akbar Rashad is recognized for his contributions to religious, philosophical, and Islamic studies.