Hojjat-al-Islam Khosrowpanah, The Researcher with the Highest Number of Citations Received in the Field of Humanities

According to the Department of Information and Public Relations of the Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought, Hojjat-al-Islam Dr. Abd-al Hossein Khosrowpanah, the faculty member of the philosophy department of the institute, has been included in the list of highly cited Iranian researchers in the field of humanities for the second year among Iranian authors and researchers (according to the announcement of the Islamic World Science and Technology Monitoring and Citation Institute (ISC)).

According to the Supreme Leader’s point of view, humanities are as important as industrial and medical sciences, and development and theorizing is of great importance in them. He considers many incidents and events in today’s world as the result of the theories of scientists in humanities and says: “Many incidents in the world, even in economic and political fields, etc., are shaped by the outlooks of experts in the humanities; in sociology, psychology, and philosophy; They are the ones who determine the parameters.”

Considering the importance of research in the field of humanities, the Institute of the Islamic World Science and Technology Monitoring and Citation Institute (ISC) annually, based on its information sources and databases, identifies highly cited researchers of humanities, social sciences, and art. Hojjat al-Islam Dr. Abd-al Hossein Khosrowpanah from the Research Institute of Islamic Culture and Thought was in this list and was chosen as a highly cited researcher of humanities for the second year.

At the end, it should be mentioned that the criterion for selecting these researchers was the number of citations they received in scientific works.