The meeting between the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization and the country’s scientific institutions and universities was held on Monday, December 11th, concurrently with the research week, aimed at activating the country ‘s scientific research capacities.

This meeting which was held in Tehran, Islamic Culture and Communication Organization, saw the involvement of the representative of the Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought, Hojjat-al-Islam, Dr. Mohammad Kashizadeh, head of the department of scientific and international interactions of IICT.

Mohammad Ali Rabbani, the executive assistant of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization for cultural dialogues and human rights, welcoming the representatives of the universities present at the meeting, said: Cultural dialogues are a necessity for the cultural diplomacy system, as well as the internationalization of universities and a long-term and two-way interaction in relations. we want to pursue our goals in cultural diplomacy by using the scientific capacity of universities

Referring to the measures taken to implement the plan for international cultural dialogues, Rabbani, the executive assistant of the head of the organization for cultural dialogue and human rights, said: This plan has the approval of ICRO, as well as the approval of the Committee of culture and civilization of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution of the country.

He also stated: Currently, thirty-two academic and research centers of the country and seventy-three foreign academic centers are participating in this project.

Ziaei, the head of the Center for Dialogue of Religions and Cultures, said: Cultural dialogue witnessed great strides during the time of Mr. Rabbani, and now the topic of cultural dialogues is being followed by Dr. Rabbani, the executive assistant of the head of the Islamic Culture and Relations Organization.