Abdul Hamid Vaseti


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Abdul Hamid Vaseti 1968 Department of Logic Understanding Religion Research Institute of Wisdom and Theology Assistant Professor
Language proficiency English Arabic German Turkish
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Education PhD


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thesis title  


Research Interests  
Research underway Ijtihad algorithm
Philosophy of Civilizational Ijtihad


Research activities
Title Type of Activity Place of publication / Commissioned by Year
Book Article Conference Research Project
A systemic approach to religion *       Institute for Strategic Studies 2002
Research Guide Adapted from the Perspective of Islam *       Institute for Strategic Studies 2003
Teaching guides based on the attitude of Islam *       Institute for Strategic Studies 2003
Study Guides Adapted from the Perspective of Islam *       Institute for Strategic Studies 2006
cycles from production to consumption of bread

Adapted from the perspective of Islam

*       Institute for Strategic Studies 2002
Center for Thinking and Decision Making *       Institute for Strategic Studies 2011
Hijab and emotion management *       Institute for Strategic Studies 2009
Calming hearts in calamities and calamities *       Institute for Strategic Studies 2009
Application of fuzzy logic in the analysis of religion propositions *       AYENEH MAREFAT 2005
Other attitudes to the goals of religion *       IICT 2007
Systemic ijtihad, the strategy of producing the Islamic model of progress *       Conference book of the Islamic Model of Progress Center 2014
The role of indicators of human dignity in organizational excellence *       Journal of Management at Islamic University 2013
Strategies for Transformation in the Seminary *       Deputy of Research of Khorasan Theological Seminary 2012
Algorithms for discovering the causes of the revelation of verses *       Journal of Quranic Research (Scientific Research) 2016
Word analysis algorithm in jurisprudential inference *       Journal of New Perspectives on Jurisprudence 2017
Civilization Ijtihad *       Journal of Jurisprudence and Law of Ferdowsi University 2018


Title Type of Activity destination country Year of attendance
Speaker Critic Referee
Teaching method workshop       India 2011
– Razavi education

– Research in Islamic philosophy and mysticism

      Russia 2017
Arbaʽeen       Iraq 2016


Professional Service
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