About the Center

The research center includes five groups: “History and Civilization”, “Occidental Studies”, “Islamic Revolution Studies”, ” Literature” and “Culture Research”.

Goals and Programs:

* Identifying and examining the written heritage of Islam including history, civilization, art and culture of Iran and Islam

* Researching in the basis and development of Islamic-Iranian art and culture

* Analyzing loss and failures of the past, finding pathology of current situation, and examining future challenges in Islamic art and culture

* Presenting suitable solutions for reviving and improving Islamic-Iranian art and culture in order to strengthen its connection with today generation

* Examining and elaborating backgrounds, goals and process of Islamic Revolution, reexamining the obstacles and ways to improve the ideals, and protecting the society from cultural invasion of foreign enemies

* Reconsidering nature and elements of western thought and attitude, criticizing and evaluating achievements of modern civilization, and examining the ways to improve Islamic thought, rationality and humanistic elements of other civilizations

* Criticizing published works and presented attitudes