Department of Research and Education

     Department of Research and Education:

This department includes three offices named “Research Affairs Support”, “Scientific Relations and Collaborations”, and “Education”.

“Research Affairs Support Office” handles the scheduling and supervising the researches, the research works of IICT, and the library and scientific and research documents, and the boards of academic members and researchers. “Scientific Relations and Collaborations Office” is in charge of scientific collaborations inside IICT, and the “Education Office” has the responsibility of performing higher education and clerical courses.

     The Library and Scientific Documents:

The IICT Library is a rich collection of various scientific sources including books, periodicals, software, etc. that provides the scientific departments and research projects with needed materials, both in Tehran Central Office and in Qom Office. Due to the active departments in Tehran Central Office, the sources are provided in subjects as “Mysticism”, “Theology and Religion Researches”, “Epistemology”, “History and Civilization”, “Islamic Revolution Studies”, “Occidentology”, “Literature” and “Lexicography”, in Persian, Arabic, English and some other languages.

On the other hand, according to the active departments in Qom Office, the Qom library includes subjects as “Research in Quran”, “Philosophy”, “Logic of Religion Comprehension”, “Politics”, “Economy”, “Law and Jurisprudence”, “Ethics and Education” and “Islamic Management”.

Both libraries use Congress Categorization System (LC) and “Kavosh” Library program.

Specific parts are allocated to members of academic board for personal use and study inside the library, and internet connection and various soft wares are available for the researches.