Existential Perfections of The Mankind


Mohammad Shojaei



The youth is the most beautiful, brilliant and memorable passage of life, that may not be experienced again. When speaking about youth, one should admit the freshness, ebullience and exuberance of it. The youth also is a period of experience and maturity and when it juxtaposes with enthralling beauties of human nature, an other world would com to exist and at the depth of such a novel world a new outlook and a new ecstasy. And he is the one who, amid such new realties, will attain (unto) a true “self”.

In this new experience, he is looking for a new Link with a lost reality, a new fundamental attraction, and a deep-rooted charm, through which he could set up a connection with the external ‘Remedy of the hearts’.

Then, a long with the dulcet music of existence, he whispers with the madrigal of “being” as well as the epic of motion. To find out the secret of “being” is a significant discovery. An unknown, mysterious soliloquy with oneself and ‘motion’ [towards an aim] do need a direction, and then ‘question’: a question for attaining. And how glorious is to question and then to attain! And how beautiful is to know and to want.

One should recognize the invaluable bestowal of the youth. This magic bowel has unknown dimensions and angles which should be crystallized under the aegis of an interior power as well as an ‘eternal light’. We call the ‘interior power’ and the ‘eternal light’ respectively ‘faith’ and ‘thought’.

The institute of the young thought, having been motivated by the slogan: ‘More thoughtfulness for better recognition’ has been engaged in several studies, researches and investigations as well as composing lots of works which are especially designed for young readers, the new generation. Again, the discussion and debate round the issue of “Existential Virtues of human- being” has encouraged out interests to collect and present this book to you of course with the sincere collaborations of the honored researcher Seid Mohammad Shojaei. You should be able to answer the questions below after studying the text.


  1. From Islamic point of view, what kind of a creature is a man?
  2. What is the source of mankind perfection?

We are looking forward to hearing your good comments.

The institute of the young thought.