Imam Khomeyni Was a Jurist Who Brought Together Mysticism, Logical ‎‎Proof and The Quran

Hujjat al-Islam Khosropanah, the faculty member of the Research Institute for Culture and Thought,  described the characteristics of Imam Khomeyni’s school of ‎‎thought in the conference of “Imam Khomeyni’s School of Thought: The Civilization-Building School of Thought” ‎ held at Rasa News Agency On June 1st 2020 in Qom.

He stated, “The late Imam was a jurist who brought together mysticism, logical ‎‎proof and the Quran. Before the Imam, other jurists also raised the issue of wilayat al-faqih ‎‎‎(guardianship of the jurisprudent), but the distinctive feature of Imam Khomeyni is the ‎‎mystical view of this discussion such that it can be said that Imam Khomeyni’s interpretation ‎‎of wilayat al-faqih al-mutlaqah (absolute guardianship of the jurisprudent) used his mystical ‎‎outlook on the discussion of wilayat al-faqih. Another feature is the jurisprudence of ‎‎government. That is to say, the approach of the government that Imam Khomeyni had ‎‎throughout jurisprudence is one of the innovations and special schools of the Imam.”‎


His Eminence emphasized, “The term ‘wilayat al-faqih al-mutlaqah’ has not been mentioned ‎in jurisprudential books ‎at all, but other interpretations have been given, but the Imam has ‎used the absolute ‎interpretation of mysticism. This kind of view is a wise and mystical view ‎of politics, human ‎beings and social spheres. This is a new foundation that the Imam has in ‎his school.‎”‎


He continued, “Another important feature in the school of thought of the late Imam is anti-‎‎arrogance. You cannot take this feature from the Imam and say that we are followers of the ‎‎Imam’s school. Another feature is his approach to political jurisprudence. Imam Khomeyni ‎‎believes that a jurist, apart from being a jurist, also has guardianship according to which he ‎‎can forge a verdict. No other jurists have had this special view on wilayat al-faqih.” ‎


Hujjat al-Islam Khosropanah referred to the characteristics of the civilizational view and the ‎‎fight against degeneration in the school of Imam Khomeyni and said, “Imam Khomeyni ‎‎repeatedly emphasized in his statements that the Muslim community must come out of ‎‎degeneration. In his view, the most important factor in this decline is the decline of ‎‎governments, and therefore he believed that there should be a strong Islamic government ‎‎so that the Muslim community would emerge from decline. The result of this powerful ‎‎government is Islamic civilization.