Islamic-Iranian Revolution Has Changed the History

Ayatollah Ali Akbar Rashad


The head of Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought stated that Islamic-Iranian Revolution could change the path of history to development.

Ayatollah Ali Akbar Rashad said that Iranian revolution changed the history toward a considerable development and both friends and enemies have confessed on this fact as well.

Ayatollah Rashad declared that all changes are not effective but those which are moving toward growth and progress. Many confessed that Islamic Revolution could bring down the Shah’s regime without gun violence.

As he noted, Imam Khomeini was a philosopher and a noble philosopher who considered all aspects of the revolution so Islamic Revolution is called thought revolution so now it must be mature in intellectual products.

During the unveiling ceremony of 40 honorable books in the field of revolutionary studies was held by IAU Printing, Publishing and Media Affairs Organization in cooperation with Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought, Ayatollah Rashad added that 40 books have been published so far which more books will be released in near future.

Mentioning the “The Second Phase of Islamic Revolution” issued by Ayatollah Khamenei, he declared that running festivals and granting awards will be great motivations in producing analytical documents.

Source: en.iscanews