Islamic Systems Faculty

The research center includes six groups: “Law and Jurisprudence”, “Politics”, “Economy”, “Ethics and Education”, “Islamic Management”, and “The Youth Thought”

Goals and Programs:

·        Reconsidering and coordinating Islamic Jurisprudence and related knowledge (as Philosophy of Jurisprudence, Principles of Jurisprudence, Foundations of Jurisprudence, Political Jurisprudence, and Economic Jurisprudence) considering the outcomes and new scientific methods and necessities

·        Illustrating and exploring legal, political and economic systems in Islam

·        Researching and explaining basic  grounds and topics in Islamic social systems and presenting practical models

·        Finding theoretical and practical pathology of Islamic Republic system and helping the authorities improve it

·        Researching in challenging subjects in order to find solutions for new jurisprudential necessities

·        Responding to the dubieties in jurisprudence, and legal, political and economic systems in Islam

·        Understanding and criticizing opponent systems and schools