ketab naghd

“Ketab-e Naqd” is a specialized quarterly that presents critiques and various issues in philosophy, research in religion, culture, politics, law and jurisprudence, etc. The paper focuses on practical usage of critiques and issues and attitudes of scholars and clerics in order to respond to questions and dubieties in thoughts in Iran. Until now, 46 issues of this quarterly have been published and the following topics have been discussed there:

Secularism, religion and the world, religious Pluralism, relativity and Hermeneutics, subjective interpretation, Jurisprudence and the government, being Islamic and Republic, religiousness and civil life, Liberalism and Capitalism, womens rights, violence and tolerance, Reforms, Feminism, Democracy, Imam Alis conducts, Globalization, Dogmatism and Modernity, Enlightenment, Nationalism, Convention of Denial of all Discriminations against Women, Ethics philosophy, Zionism, Now and Future of Humanities, Religion-less Mysticisms, Human Rights, Justice doctrine, Sufism, Aashora, modern Spirituality, Love, etc.

Ketab-e Naqd publishes the most number of issues among theoretical periodicals in Iran. It was chosen as the top magazine in general research in the first Islamic Press Festival. The essay “Social Change and Religious Pluralism” (23) won the first place in the first festival, and in the fourth one three essays “Shiism and Democracy”, “Origin and Critique of Superstitions” and “Permissibility: A Religion Calamity” won the first three places.