Key Researches

Key Researches:

The “Key Research” is defined as an affair that uses referential and scientific applications in offering a solution, theory or strategy in specific fields of study. Key researches are specified in three categories: fundamental studies (theories), strategic studies (preparation for functional studies) and functional studies (new solutions and strategies).

Up to now, IICT has designed five key researches which can be considered as unique and impressive steps in the process of innovating and producing thoughts. The key researches are as follows:

1.     Developing the methods of Comprehending Religion and the five kinds of methodologies (theology and religion study faculty)

2.     Organizing the development of studies in philosophy of

Islamic jurisprudence (Law and Jurisprudence Department)

3.     Criticizing and remaking of Islamic philosophy (philosophy Department)

4.     Relativity and Doubt (Epistemology Department)

5.     Islamic Ethics System – Ethics and Education Department)