Mohammad Hassan Ghadrdan Gharamaleki


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Mohammad Hassan Ghadrdan Gharamaleki 1965 Theology Department of the Institute of Wisdom and Theology Professor
Language proficiency English Arabic German Turkish
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Research underway Comments on the book Al-Islam Wasa’il al-Masihiyah, Center for Interfaith Dialogue, Tehran


Research activities
Title Type of Activity Place of publication / Commissioned by Year
Book Article Conference Research Project
Secularism in Christianity and Islam         Qom Islamic Propaganda Office 1999
Miracles in the Realm of Reason and Religion         Qom Islamic Propaganda Office 2002
Freedom in jurisprudence and its limits         Qom Islamic Propaganda Office 2003
Al-Hurriyah jurisprudence, the study of jurisprudence in Al-Hurriyah and its limits         interpretation by Al-Musawi, Al-Hadhara Center for Islamic Intellectual Thought, Beirut 2008
Exploration in Pluralism         Young Thought Center 1999
Third, look at algebra and free will         IICT 2005
God and the problem of evil         Qom Islamic Propaganda Office 1998
Mutual rights of people and government         Young Thought Center 2002
Religious government from the perspective of Professor Shahid, Motahari         Cultural Institute of Contemporary Knowledge and Thought 2000
Quran and Pluralism         IICT 2001
Philosophical theology         Vosough Publications 2004
Quran and Secularism         IICT 2005
Khatam Rite of Research in Prophecy and Khatamiyyah         IICT 2007
Answers to Theological Doubts         IICT 2007
Answers to Theological Doubts, Book 2         IICT 2008
Answers to Verbal Doubts, Book Three         IICT 2011
Answers to Theological Doubts, Book 4         IICT 2009
Answers to Theological Doubts, Fifth Resurrection Office         IICT 2011
Answers to Theological Doubts, Book 6         IICT  
God in Wisdom and Sharia         IICT 2007
Politics and Government         Young Thought Center 2010
Khatamit Question         Young Thought Center 2012
Research, correction, and footnote of the book Hagh Al-Mubin by Ayatollah Shahroudi Khorasani (Qadeh)         Amir Kabir Publications and Qom Baqir Al-Uloom Research Institute  
Imamate, textbook of the International Foundation for Revelation Sciences           2013
God in Human Imagination         IICT 2014
Names and Attributes of God         IICT 2014
Rights of the people in government         Center for Young Thought and Publication of Knowledge 2015
Tolerance and Violence         Center for Young Thought 2015
Research, correction, and footnote of the book Hagh Al-Mubin by Ayatollah Shahroudi Khorasani (Qadeh)         Amir Kabir Publications and Qom Baqir Al-Uloom Research Institute  
Divine Science and Will         IICT 2015
Secrets of Creation and Survival         IICT 2016
Rules of Unity            
Islam and the diversity of readings         Qabasat Quarterly 2000
The language of the Qur’an from the perspective of Allameh Tabatabai         Qabasat Quarterly 2002
The revelation of religious or mystical experience         Qabasat Quarterly 2002
Philosophy of the need for religion and prophets         Qabasat Quarterly 2003
The function of religion in man and society         Qabasat Quarterly 2003
The quality of the revelation of the Qur’an and its various approaches         Qabasat Quarterly 2003
Critique of the Unproven Theory of the Existence of God         Qabasat Quarterly 2005
Natural theology         Qabasat Quarterly 2005
Critique of Quranic claims of pluralism         Qabasat Quarterly 2005
Proof of God in the Qur’an         Qabasat Quarterly 2006
tabkit in tabkit         Qabasat Quarterly 2006
Imamate of Ali (AS) and justification of the opponents         Qabasat Quarterly 2007
The role of the prophet in revelation         Qabasat Quarterly 2008
A New Look at the Physical Resurrection         Qabasat Quarterly 2010
The possibility of defining and describing God         Qabasat Quarterly 2011
Exploring the Theoretical Foundations of Secularism         Journal of Knowledge 1998
The confrontation of Imams’ policy with secularism         Journal of Knowledge 1999
Violence or rationality of the social rules of Islam         Journal of Knowledge 1999
Reflections on the Quranic Documents of Pluralism         Journal of Knowledge 2000
What is a miracle worker from the perspective of theologians and philosophers         Journal of Knowledge  
The legitimacy of Imam Ali (as) wars         Journal of Knowledge  
Religious pluralism from the perspective of Imam Khomeini         Journal of Knowledge  
Exploration in the afterlife punishments         Nameh-ye-mofid  
The problem of perceptual evil in transcendent wisdom         Nameh-ye-mofid  
The issue of evil from theologians         Nameh-ye-mofid  
Theories of Imamate Separation from the Principles of Religion         Nameh-ye-mofid  
The legitimacy of the Islamic government from the perspective of Ustad Motahari,         Nameh-ye-mofid  
Islam, recitations and Imam Khomeini         Nameh-ye-mofid  
Secularism and Critique of its Foundations         Islamic Government Quarterly  
A look at Islam and democracy         Islamic Government Quarterly  
The position of the people in the prophetic government         Islamic Government Quarterly  
Positions of practicality in the life of the infallible         Islamic Government Quarterly  
Position of expediency in legislating social rules         Islamic Government Quarterly  
Theology and the number of religions, contemporary texts            
Khulud al-Sharia         Qabasat  
«The Holy Quran: The word of God or the name of the Prophet (PBUH)? Contemporary Texts, Numbers 17 and 18 of the Fifth Sunnah; Mystical theory in the revelation of the literal Qur’an “, Beirut            
The Truth of Miracles and the Actor: The Interference of Theories between Philosophers and Theologians, Ghadrdan Gharamaleki, Mohammad Hassan – Translator: Al-Najaf, Hassan, Contemporary Texts »            
The immortality of the law and its criteria            
Perceptual Evils from the Perspective of Sadr al-Mutallahin, Journal of Modern Religious Thought, in collaboration with Ghorban Ali Karimzadeh and Ahad Faramarz,            
Authority, Law of Causality and Determinism, Bi-Quarterly Scientific Research in Religious Anthropology            
Research Ethics, Scientific Research Journal, Culture Strategy, Cultural Revolution Council            
Reflections on the arguments of the deniers of God’s previous knowledge         Qabasat  
Reflections on the Creation of Absence         Qabasat  
Theological Foundations of Progress, Scientific Research Journal         Qabasat  


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