Mohammad Kashizadeh


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Mohammad Kashizadeh 1983 Theology Department of the Institute of Wisdom and Theology  
Language proficiency English Arabic Indodesi  
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Education PhD


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Research Interests  
Research underway The gem and shell of religion
A Critique of the Impact of Anti-realism on Contemporary Theology


Research activities
Title Type of Activity Place of publication / Commissioned by Year
Book Article Conference Research Project
The essence and shell of religion from the perspective of dissidents and its critique *       IICT 2012
Critique of moral relativism *       Young Thought Center 2017
Logical and philosophical works of Shiites *       Shiite Congress 2017
Introduction to the New Kalam   *     Baqerul Uloom Research Institute 2010
Criteria of modernity in theology   *       2010
The provability of religious propositions   *       2010
gems and shells of religion   *       2010
Philosophy of religion   *       2010
Sociology of Religion   *       2010
Intrinsic and transversal analysis of religion from the perspective of the neo-Mu’tazilites   *     IICT 2012
Analysis of religious pluralism and the essence of religion   *                ANDISHE-E-NOVIN-E-DINI 2014
Critique of Modern Spirituality   *     Qabsat Magazine 2015
Application or relativity of moral propositions from the perspective of Allameh Tabatabai   *     International Congress of Quranic and Hadith Sciences 2015
Comparative study of what is spiritual from the perspective of Seyyed Morteza and Ibn Ataiqi with emphasis on verse 85 of Surah Isra ‘   *     International Congress of Quranic and Hadith Sciences 2015
Revelation from the perspective of Abu Zayd and Allameh Tabatabai   *     International Congress of Quranic and Hadith Sciences 2015
The effect of traditional and modern theological approaches on the category of revelation   *     International, Intercultural, Interdisciplinary 2015
A study of intellectual goodness and ugliness from the perspective of Matridia and Shia based on Quranic verses   *     International Congress of Quranic and Hadith Sciences 2015
Fundamentals of Epistemology of Religious Science   *     Religious Science Conference in Jakarta 2015
realistic accounts of the credentials of Allameh Tabatabai   *     Qabsat Magazine 2017
Critique of Unrealistic Faithfulness by Dankiopit   *     Qabsat Magazine 2018
Critique of Intrinsic and Transversal Idea from Shabestari Perspective   *     Naghd magazine 2018
Investigating the Impact of Unrealism on Shabestari Perspectives   *     IICT 2018


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