Muhammad Safar Jebreyli


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Muhammad Safar Jebreyli 1967 Theology Department of the Institute of Wisdom and Theology Associate Professor
Language proficiency English Arabic German Turkish
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Research underway Sheikh Tusi Theological Thoughts
The Evolution of Shiite Theology, Book One: The Age of Presence
The role of monotheism in life


Research activities
Title Type of Activity Place of publication / Commissioned by Year
Book Article Conference Research Project
The problem of evil and the secret of differences *       IICT 2006
Rituals of governance from Imam Ali *       Young Thought Center 2006
New Philosophy of Religion and Theology *       IICT 2006
The evolution of Shiite theology of the second book: from the time of absence to Khajeh Nasir Tusi *       IICT 2009
Shiite beliefs *       Young Thought Center 2009
Islamology *       Young Thought Center 2009
A look at contemporary theological thinking *       IICT 2012
History and Theological Thoughts of Islamic Religions *       Planning Council of Sunni Theological Schools 2015
the income of Shiite theology *          
Shiite Emami Theological Schools *          
Research on the non-poet of the Prophet from the perspective of the Qur’an   *     Mofid University 1995
Criticism of the book “Quranic Story of Guidance and Expression” by Dr. Wahbeh Zohili   *     Mofid University 1996
The effect of Islamic theology on Islamic philosophy from the perspective of Professor Shahid Motahari   *     Mofid University 1997
Religion and Philosophy in the New Platonic School   *     Qabasat Quarterly 2005
Islamic theology, factors, and contexts of emergence   *     Qabasat Quarterly 2005
Shiite theology, periods and historical stages   *     Qabasat Quarterly 2005
Philosophy of Theology   *     Qabasat Quarterly 2006
Reflections on the school in the process of evolution.   *     Qabasat Quarterly 2007
Borhan Farjeh   *     Qaabsat Quarterly 2010
Critique of the harms of religious reason   *       2014
Mohammad Arkon and the harms of religious reason   *     Kalam Islami 2014
The structure of Shiite theology         Kalam Islami 2014
Analysis of the concept of prophecy   *     Kalam Islami 2015
The extent of application of the rule of wisdom in scientific, theological issues   *     Kalam Islami 2016
Critique of Eclectic Shiites   (                Andishe-e-novin-e-dini  
Examining the forms of the argument from the views of Salafis and criticizing them logically           2016
Divine justice and differences in creation         Kalam Islami 2018


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