Narrative Literature of the Sacred Defense

The present research is the first book of a series that deals with the theoretical explanation of the narrative literature of Sacred Defense as the most important type of narrative literature after the Islamic Revolution. In this book, the most important terms used for this type, are researched and analyzed and the epistemological elements and dimensions of the term chosen by the researcher (narrative literature of Sacred Defense) are expressed.

During more than the 30-year history of narrative literature of the Sacred Defense, due to the range and diversity of terms used in this field and the lack of fundamental researches in the comparison and analysis of the terms, the truth of the Sacred Defense has been hidden for the people of literature, behind the homonyms and literary and non-literary doubts. Dealing with the “terminology” is the first step to imagine the type of narrative literature of the Sacred Defense and its general aspects, as well as an entry to the depth of the narrative works of the Sacred Defense and determine their relationship with categories such as: anthropology, cosmology, theology and narratology.

In this research, the author deals with the theoretical origins of narrative literature of Sacred Defense, especially the most important approaches in defining it and its classifications. By examining the classifications, analyzing the definitions, and proposing and answering the most important questions and doubts regarding each classification, the author has explained the term “narrative literature of Sacred Defense”. In this process, an unprecedented classification of ideas has been presented, and a range of common doubts that have led to non-genuine classifications, have been investigated.

Also, in explaining the chosen term, the author has discussed some of its historical and narrative elements and dimensions and the possibility of its realization.