Philosophy of Religious Knowledge

Aliakbar Rashad

Once we come to a coherent knowledge system with the use of logic of understanding religion, we need a series of logical comprehensive studies in order to make an analysis of the nature and specifications of the system, to find out its development process, to know about its different kinds and reasons of development, to find out its knowledge value, to find out probable errors therein and reasons thereof, to study different approaches to the religious knowledge, and to know about other general issues of “religious knowledge phenomenon”; all such kind of studies should be done in terms of an independent discipline which we call “philosophy of religious knowledge”.

By Philosophy of religious knowledge we mean a discipline in charge of the rational comprehensive study of “the conclusions of justified researches in the course of discovery of religion”. philosophy of religious knowledge appears among “philosophies of”; it is a discipline related to knowledge or to another disciplines.

In spite of the wide topical range of Philosophy of religious knowledge and the extraordinary importance and occurrence of issues and discussions thereof, this valuable knowledge has not been formed in terms of an independent discipline, either in the world of Islam or out of Islam, so far. However, some problems and discussion related to Philosophy of religious knowledge can be found dispersedly among current works and disciplines on religion.