Philosophy Of

Department of Philosophy at Islamic Research Institute for Culture and Thought holds;


Conference on “philosophies of”


Call for Papers

Topics are as follows:

1. The definition of “philosophy of”,

2. Classification of “philosophy of”,

3. Problems of “philosophy of”,

4. Subject matter of “philosophy of”,

5. Methodology of Islamic “philosophy of”,

6. Resources of Islamic “philosophy of”,

7. The purpose and function of “philosophy of”,

8. The status of “philosophy of” among the sciences,

9. The relationship of “philosophy of” with “pure philosophy”,

10. The history of “philosophy of” in the Muslim world,

11. Pathology of “philosophy of”

12. The role of “philosophy of” in the production of Islamic humanities (law, economics, politics, management, sociology, psychology, culture, history, study of civilization, art, education, etc.).

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Deadline for submission of abstracts: Sunday, August 21, 2016