Qasim Tarkhan


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Qasim Tarkhan 1967 Theology Department of the Institute of Wisdom and Theology Assistant Professor
Language proficiency English Arabic German Turkish
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Education PhD


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Research Interests  
Research underway The result of theological principles in the humanities
Divine traditions and progress
Fundamentals of the cosmology of Islamic humanities from the perspective of the Holy Quran


Research activities
Title Type of Activity Place of publication / Commissioned by Year
Book Article Conference Research Project
An Introduction to the Theological Foundations of Religious Science with Emphasis on the Humanities *       IICT 2017
Philosophy of Reason *         2019
The relationship between monotheism and guardianship with emphasis on the Hadith of Golden Chain       * Qabsat Quarterly 2011
What are the main principles and elements of Islamic cosmology with a look at the views of Martyr Motahhari       * Religion of spirituality 2012
Common Humanities Critique       * The First International Congress of Islamic Humanities / Proceedings of the Congress 2011
Soroush and the meaning of religious science       * IICT 2014
Soroush’s principles in denying religious science       * IICT 2014
lifestyle models a result of cosmology       * Qabsat Quarterly 2013
The Impact of the Humanities on Secularism       * Quarterly Journal of Cultural and Social Research 2012
Theological principles and areas of progress       * Published in the Proceedings of the Second Iranian Islamic Model of Progress Conference 2014
Denial of religious science in the criterion of criticism       * Qabsat Quarterly 2014
Spiritual Causes and Methodological Materialism       * Indonesia Conference 2015
The outcome of the cosmological foundations of the Islamic model of progress       * Qabsat Quarterly 2016
Paradigmatic features of the subject of Islamic humanities from the perspective of Allameh Tabatabai       * Qabsat Quarterly 2016
Spiritual Causes and Leading Challenges in the Islamization of Science       * Journal of Philosophy of Religion, University of Tehran 2016
Reflections on Islamic and Secular Lifestyle       * Journal of Spirituality 2016
Theory of nature; As the epistemological basis of the humanities       * Journal of the Rite of Wisdom 2016
Foundations of the legitimacy of the Islamic government       * Journal of Political Science 2016
Issues of Objectivity in Social Justice       * Review Magazine 2016
Reflections on the Classification System of Divine Traditions in Society and Its Role in Progress       * Journal of Islamic Wisdom 2017
From the alienation of the language of religion, illusion, or reality?       * Quarterly Answer 2016
What are Islamic cosmology and its principles and elements from the perspective of Shahid Motahari       * Printed Spirituality 2016
Theological Beliefs and the Humanities (Location and How to Influence)       * Philosophy of Religion, University of Tehran 2017


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