Scientific cooperation meeting on Artificial Intelligence between Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

According to the public relations report of the Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought (IICT), On December 11, 2023, an online meeting was held between faculty members and officials of the IICT’s growth and innovation center (Roshd Center) and professors of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.

In this meeting, Dr. Mehdi Rahimi Gilani, the head of the IICT’s Roshd Center, touching upon the structure of the RIICT and its record of activities, acknowledged that the process of progress and innovation in the IICT is pursued with determination by Roshd Center and the rest of departments of the IICT. Also, current governance need to comply with artificial intelligence is seriously prioritized on the agenda, he said. The head of Roshd Center also emphasized the development of the cooperation between universities of the two countries, signing cooperation agreement between the vice president of science, technology and knowledge-based economy of Iran and his Russian counterparts including scientific advisers of the Russian President, as well as between the Russian Academy of Sciences and Iran National Science Foundation.

Then, Hojjat al-Islam Dr. Ghaeminia, a faculty member of Department of Epistemology of IICT said that development of joint programs such as holding research-oriented classes to enhance skills and publishing joint articles and essays in scientific research journals of both sides are possible options in cooperation of the two sides.

Dr. Hassan Bashiri, a Faculty member of Computer Engineering department of Hamadan University of Technology talked about perspectives of collaboration with both private and public sectors. Dr. Alireza Saei, a researcher of cognitive science and the secretary of the event titled “A Plan for the Future: Artificial Intelligence and Humanities”, paid specific attention to the cyber security, explaining in detail the features and patterns of cyber security and its potentialities in various areas of governance, and welcomed Russia’s research achievements in advance.

In the following, Timur Sadikov, Natalya Kapilova and Vadim Saltikovsky expressed their ideas at the meeting and discussed possible joint events both virtually and in-person. In line with this idea, they invited the researchers of Rosh Center to participate in the artificial intelligence event which will be held on February 20th and 21st 2024, in Moscow.