Symptoms of Decline of the American Liberal system Have Emerged

According to the Public Relations and Information Department of the Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought, Hojjatul-Islam Dr. Mohammad Malekzadeh, the faculty member of the policy department of the Research Institute, in an interview with a political reporter of Rasa News Agency, explained the signs of decline in the United States. The decline of the Western-dominated liberal system, especially the United States, has emerged, and today, with the rule of the White House rulers, the grounds for the moral, cultural, and political decline of the United States have become clear.


“Today’s signs of declining US sovereignty in the political, economic and cultural spheres have become apparent,” he said. The Supreme Leader of the Revolution has also emphasized that in the forty years since the revolution, Iran has always been victorious in the challenge against the United States.


The faculty member of the Research Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought, referring to the arrogant spirit of the United States, said:” The spirit and culture of the United States is racist and savage; as he treats blacks in his country; therefore, the culture of this society cannot be a model for other countries, including our country.”


He then noted the decline in US sovereignty over the global economy, and said that governments around the world are currently trying to get rid of the dollar’s dominance over the global economy. As the Islamic Republic of Iran has also has stood up against US sanctions.


Dr. Malekzadeh reminded: “Today, humanity has realized the weaknesses of Western civilization, but the pro-Western and intellectual currents has been fascinated by Western culture and thought before the revolution and still ignore the shortcomings of the Western system and promote liberal ideas and thought in the country.”


He finally pointed to the superiority features of the Islamic Iranian model of civilization over the Western liberal civilization and added: “The weakness of Western civilization is in non-monotheistic thinking, secularism, wealth seeking, power seeking and Lack of attention to culture and ethics, and propounding racism;” But Islamic civilization rejects these shortcomings and is based on spiritualism, morality and valuing people’s values ​​and rights.