The Symphony of Qur’an from the Outlooks of Wisdom and Mysticism

By: Dr. Mohammad Javad Sa, adi Shahrudi

To recite the Holy Qur,an in a Symphonic hymn is stated emphatically by both Shi’ee and Sunni religious sects of Islam. The phonetic construction of Qur,an is arranged in such a nice manner that makes it melodious by itself. Is there any rational ground for the euphoric recitation of Qur,an besides the apparent musical composition and the advice of the religious leaders for reading Qur,an in a tune? In that case, no disagreement with its harmonious reciting can be justified on any grounds of reason or tradition.

In this article, two reasonable motives are mentioned for the justification and rationality of the Lyrical recital of Qur,an:

1) Hearing Symphonic reading is in accordance with the nature of human being;

2) Listening a euphoric recitation is a cause for human contmplation.

Key words: symphony, recital, contemplation, aesthetics