Zehn Persian Website


“Zehn” is the only specialized periodical in “Epistemology” with below aims:

       Researching and developing the basis and principles of Islamic epistemology

       Making comparative studies and evaluating classic epistemological theories and modern ones

       Preparing grounds for exchanging ideas in epistemology and making researchers and scholars connected

       Elaborating common basis and tools of epistemological theories and Islamic philosophy and religious thought, responding to the questions and examining related sciences and subjects as hermeneutics, theology, etc.

Each of the past 31 issues has been allocated to specific subjects in epistemology as:

Theories of Justification, Relativism, Skepticism, Realism, Rationalism, Preceding Knowledge, philosophy of science, religious science, religion and science, correlation and reasoning, analytical philosophy, Intuitional knowledge, etc.

Two essays of “Zehn” won the first place in the first Islamic Press Festival; “Mohammad Ghazali, Piety and Rationality” (11-12), “Sheik Toosi Responses to Skepticism” (11-12).